Blogging as a Strategic Communication Tool

Blogging is great for… journalism, reporting, reviews, socialising. What else? Ehh…… Businesses???

Bloggings popularity among businesses is growing rapidly. This is down to the competition for places in the famous Google search. How can I make my business appear on top of the pile? How can I get as many leads to my business as possible through Google? Well, the simple answer is… by blogging. When you blog two main things will happen on your businesses website.

  1. It’s regularly active. (Google loves this)
  2. You’re creating more index pages for your business online.

Here is a chart from showing the huge jump in online leads for those who have many online indexed pages.


So according to this graph, if your site has over 300 indexed pages, you will receive 236% more leads than a website with 60 or less pages.

Now what if maths and figures just aren’t your thing? And all of the above just reads ‘blah blah blah’. Another, more humanistic reason why blogging is an important strategic communication tool is to actually just be more human…

When looking at corporations, It’s hard to see anything but business men, bar charts and balance sheets. But blogging is a way around that. Now corporations, no matter how big or small have a way of communicating with customers in a much more personal and human way.

Check out

Before, when I imagined Electric Ireland, I thought of sales calls, people in high-vis jackets with clipboards and lightbulbs. However now I can imagine real people, real local people like me and you.

However, a nice little tip we’ve learned along the way is to give it a light sprinkle of hair spray. Trapping the moisture like this ensures it will surely last a few extra days longer.

Here they are telling us to spray hairspray on our Christmas Trees and Wreaths to keep them from drying out. I don’t know about you, but I’m going home to show my Mam this new trick. And when she asks, “Where did you learn that?” “Electric Ireland.”… Boom, job done. Good blogging Electric Ireland.

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