The Wireless Revolution and GAA Results

It’s hard to forget the old tedious days of checking the weekend sports results. This page, this one here, a tester of patience across Irish homes for what seems like eternity…


I used to see checking results, not only as a chore but somewhat of a mission. I’d take it in stages.

Stage 1. Distract my sister, while I rob the TV remote.

Stage 2. Convince her that it will only take 5 minutes. (Good one…)

Stage 3. Try to remember the Aertel page.

Stage 4. Get tired listening to my sister after 8 minutes and try make the Aertel page transparent so she can still kind of see whatever garbage she was watching.

Stage 5. Wait… and wait…. Page 34/56 “Denise, I swear I just need to see page 38”

Stage 6. Finally page 45, the one I was waiting for. And then.. The results aren’t up yet!!! “Holy Jaysus who’s in charge of sending these feckin’ Results in???”

Stage 7. Do it all again in an hours time.

THANK GOD them days are over, and thank God for Twitter.

Today all we need to do is have a ‘Tweeter’ account as my Dad calls it. He follows @monaghanGAA and nobody else, and now….

Capture                                                                    …life is easy for GAA Dads all over Ireland.

So no more;

 “Brian will did you check them scores for me??”

“I’m doing it now, I answered the phone and missed the feckin’ page. Have to wait another 23 pages until it gets back to Monaghan.”

Good riddance Teletext

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